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USAMRD-W conducts research and delivers solutions to optimize brain health to increase resilience and mitigate operational stress for maximizing Soldier health and performance. We are strategically located at JBLM to support readiness across the INDOPACOM. USAMRD-W's capabilities include the ability to conduct large, randomized controlled trials to assess the efficacy of interventions, validation of screening and assessment measures, deliver training, evaluation of behavioral health programs, field/training assessments for identifying risk factors and health readiness surveillance, and research consultation. As subject matter experts in the field of behavioral health and applied psychology, USAMRD-W offers leading expertise in military performance, health and readiness, and operational stress management.

Health & Readiness

Military Performance

Operational Stress

Improving Health & Readiness

Aligning with the US Army's emphasis on total force readiness and 'soldier first,' USAMRD-W conducts impactful research aimed at enhancing the behavioral health and readiness of warfighters. As part of this research focus, USAMRD-W develops and validates tools, interventions, and programs that promote optimal sleep, resilience, psychological health and well-being, and readiness.

Optimizing Military Performance

USAMRD-W is focused on maximizing the human potential of the warfighter in order to field formations that possess the capacity, capability, and endurance to achieve decisive victory on the current and future battlefield. Research efforts include isolating the neurocognitive mechanisms of performance under highly stressful conditions, as well as developing optimization tools and training programs to maximize warfighter operations, improve physical and cognitive performance, and increase Soldier lethality.

Mitigating Operational Stress

USAMRD-W leverages real-life and simulated training programs in an effort to better understand the neuropsychological and behavioral factors that affect individual and team performance in various operational environments and conditions. This research capitalizes on interventions that can improve Soldier performance and lethality within stressful combat environments, as well as innovative approaches to enhance psychological resilience and reduce operational stress both on and off the battlefield.

Funding for our research program is primarily provided by the Military Operational Medicine Research Program, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command. For more information on specific research projects/efforts or to inquire about potential research collaboration, please contact our Director, LTC Michael Dretsch at

Current Research Studies

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